PWB Technology

We have three different size units to choose from

Unit Single Pass Process Double Pass Process
Emergency Response Unit (bag)

5,000 gallons/day

18,920 litres/day

20,000 bags/day

3,000 gallons/day

11,352 litres/day

20,000 bags/day

Emergency Response Unit (bulk)

60,000 gallons/day

227,100 litres/day

30,000 gallons/day

113,550 litres/day

20 Foot Container

50,000 gallons/day

189,200 litres/day

25,000 gallons/day

94,600 litres/day

40 Foot Container

144,000 gallons/day

545,000 litres/day

132,000 gallons/day

499,000 litres/day

Purity Levels*

200 – 350 PPM

50 – 150 PPM

*World Health Organization maximum 500 PPM

Pure Water Box units

  • Portable containers produce potable water. Bulk delivery. Bagged or bottled.
  • Units produce up to 144,000 gallons (545,100 litres) of clean, safe drinking water per day from any source including seawater, brackish, pond, lake or river.
  • Water purification levels are better than WHO maximum standard of 500 PPM*
  • Pure Water Box units are operational within hours of installation at disaster scene
  • All units come standard with built in ozone and UV systems.
  • The Reverse Osmosis membrane in all units is state of the art and approved by the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Stainless steel high pressure connection pipes and other components ensure long term use with minimal service requirements.