The Emergency Response Trailer
Operational within hours of arrival at a disaster zone

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The Emergency Response Unit is ready to start cleaning contaminated water or desalinate salt water within hours of arrival at its destination. ERT units come standard with a built-in ozone and UV system to provide safe drinking water meeting government and World Health Organization (WHO) water quality standards.

The ERT purifies up to 5,000 gallons (18,920 litres) of drinking water an hour. It distributes 20,000 one quart bags (20,000 one litre bags) of water a day.

The design of the bagging system is based on the concept of simplicity in operation. Same roll of food grade LDPE can make bags from 1 pint to 1 liter size by simply programming the length controller to a desired length. The ERT uses only one size of plastic rolls which simplifies inventory management.

The 16-foot trailer has inside and outside lighting. The interior has air-conditioning and a heating system. It can be shipped by air, rail or ground transportation. A light utility truck can tow this unit. A helicopter can transport the unit to its emergency destination where road access is restricted.