Eco-Friendly Products

PWB green products help reduce carbon footprint

Pure Water Box is an eco-friendly company that does what it can to reduce its carbon footprint around the world wherever its 16, 20 and 40 foot water purification containers are needed to provide clean drinking water.

We offer generators using biodiesel fuel to power our containers, windmills to pump water out of the ground and biodegradable bottles used in our bottling line.

Being green is important to Pure Water Box. We want to provide safe clean drinking water in drought stricken countries and here at home in First Nations communities without polluting the local environment.

Our bottling line produces biodegradable bottles that decompose naturally over time in the heat, sunlight and oxygen. No more littering of plastic bottles on the beaches or the ocean. Our goal at Pure Water Box is to be as eco-friendly as possible.

The use of bio-diesel fuel to power our water purification system is good for the environment where our units are in operation.

The most common method currently used to extract water from the earth in developing countries is through the use of submersible pumps, open wells, and boreholes. The disadvantages to these methods range from the large amounts of fuel needed to run the pumps to sanitary problems and disease from open wells.

Pure Water Box turned to the wind to solve the problem of open wells. The Pure Wind windmill is the world