Bottling Plant

40 Foot Container and Bottling Line

For sun destination hotels and all inclusive resorts, bottled water is an essential requirement for their guests. Our unique 40 foot container system desalinates the water first by Reverse Osmoses then purifies it by distillation. Clean drinking water is then transferred to a second 40 foot unit where it is bottled and packaged for a fraction of the cost what hotels pay for imported bottled water.

The bottling plant is equipped with a conveyor system constructed in the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel frame and plastic flat-top chains. The bottles are loaded onto the feeding conveyor and transferred into the rinser/filler/capper system.

Each eco-friendly system has its own generator powered by biodiesel fuel, double pass Reverse Osmosis system, Vapour Compression Distillation system, a blow moulding unit for custom designed bottles, bottling line and shrink-wrap packaging system for easy dissemination. The unit can produce up to 8,000 500 ml bottles of water a day.