In times of natural disasters our Emergency Response Trailer can act as a first responder with NGOs to provide clean drinking water

  • If your Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) needs a partner to help save lives during a natural disaster, our ERT can make a difference between life and death when it comes to providing clean drinking water in a hurry.
  • Our 16 foot trailer can be shipped by air, rail or ground transportation. Any light utility truck can tow this unit. A helicopter can transport it to its emergency destination where road access in restricted.
  • The ERT is operational within hours of arrival at a disaster zone to start producing 20,000 500 ml bags of drinking water a day. Our pure clean drinking water is better than World Health Organization standards.

For more information about NGO partnerships with PWB contact:

Paul McCabe
Vice President, Director of Business Development
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-866-960-0210