Our Team

Ryan Mitchell, President

Ryan is the President of Pure Water Box. He has more than 12 years experience as a finance advisor, stock trader and manager (CIBC, TDCT, RBC, PFP). Ryan is a humanitarian who has participated in 12 missions to build homes, schools and churches in third world countries. His goal is to provide clean drinking water to CanadaвЂTMs First Nations Communities and drought victims worldwide. He also served in the Canadian Armed Forces as one of the youngest patrol commanders in Bosnia.

Paul McCabe, Vice President, Director of Business Development

PaulвЂTMs career spans over 30 years in sales, sales management and executive positions. In 1995 he created his first consulting company, as President and Managing Partner of COMPASS Performance Strategies, a Canadian-based international training and consulting firm. He works globally with companies and organizations of influence to maximize effectiveness and productivity in the areas of business and personal growth.

David Putnam, Founder

David is the Founder of Pure Water Box. He is an International Senior Executive and Consultant in Financial Services, Fixed Income, Derivatives and Public Markets. He has been involved in raising $5 billion on world markets. As a fixed income specialist, he was responsible for the creation of several new types of securities. He has worked in Europe, North America, South America and the Caribbean.

Yan Zhou, Water Purification Specialist & Advisory Board

Yan may have majored in computer science and economics in university but he has spent his life developing affordable, safe, purified, potable water to meet the needs of a thirsty world. Yan has created water purification, desalination, wastewater treatment, and water packaging products. He also developed and built the worldвЂTMs first mobile water bottling plant and mobile water bagging system.

Peter Bozzo, Water Systems Specialist & Advisory Board

Peter has been an advocate of clean drinking water for 18 years. He is president of Nimbus Water Systems and the new owner of Kinetico of Caledon. His other companies include Blu Water Treatment Inc and Go Bottleless Inc. that provide homes and offices with an alternative to bottled drinking water. He is the former president and treasurer of the Canadian Water Quality Association.

Kevin Wong, Executive Director of the Canadian Water Quality Association & Advisory Board

Kevin has helped the CWQA execute its strategic plan, grow its membership base and interact with Canadian regulatory bodies. Kevin is an experienced environmental consultant, a highly successful brand marketer and holds a masters degree in business administration and a B.Sc. in environmental sciences.

Almas Jiwani, President of Frontier Canada & Advisory Board

Almas is President of Frontier Canada, a corporate communications company and a member of the Pure Water Box Advisory Board. She is also President of The UN Women Canada National Committee and leader of the Board of Directors for the new United Nations Gender Entity for Empowerment of Women (UN Women Canada). Almas plays a key role in building networks among charitable institutions and socially responsible businesses. She has won numerous international awards, including the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, for her tireless efforts and contributions towards gender equality and human rights.

Glenn Bebee, Technical Advisor

Glenn is our technical advisor responsible for training teams operating the 20 foot, 40 foot water filtration containers and the PWB Emergency Response Trailer. Glenn has 25 years experience building, repairing and renovating boats and airplanes winning numerous awards for his excellent workmanship. Glenn is also experienced in leading specialized teams to plan and execute the detailed construction or renovation of any and all mechanical equipment.